Figure 3.11 Flowsheet with all streams attached.

finished adding streams and units, click the arrow that is immediately above the Material STREAMS block at the bottom left of the window (see Fig. 3.6). This is the Cancel Insert Mode button.

At this point, the flowsheet has been configured. It is a good idea to rename the various pieces of equipment and the streams to help keep track of the identity of each of these components. To rename a block, left-click its icon and right-click to get a dropdown menu. Selecting Rename gives the window shown in Figure 3.12. Type in the desired new name. The same procedure is used to rename streams. Figure 3.13 gives the flowsheet with all blocks and streams renamed to correspond to conventional distillation terminology. The feedstream is F1, the distillate stream is D1, and the bottoms stream is B1. Note that the pumps and valves have been renamed for easy association with this

Enterthe Block ID

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