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Figure 4.9 Control panel results.

Figure 4.9 Control panel results.

The variable selected to vary in order to find the maximum profit is the reflux ratio. When the window first opens, the box to the right of Variable number is blank. Right-clicking opens a little window with Create that can be selected. Then the variable MOLE-RR is selected in block C1 and limits on its possible range are inserted.

The optimizer is now ready to run. Clicking the N button executes the program. The Control Panel window (Fig. 4.9) shows that the optimizing algorithm is sequential quadratic programming (SQP), and it took four iterations to find the maximum profit.

Figure 4.10 NLP optimization results.

The resulting values of the variables can be seen by clicking Results and by looking at the stream results in the C1 block (Fig. 4.10).

The optimum value of bottoms composition is 0.2246 mol% propane, which gives distillate and bottoms flowrates of 18.05 and 34.46 kg/s, respectively. The reboiler heat input is 27.17 MW. The profit is $4.637/s.

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