Figure 5.7 Continued.

Figure 5.7 Continued.

A number of parameters of the plot can be changed by right-clicking and selecting Properties. The color and thickness of lines and curves can be specified, and the plot can be rotated if desired.

Another useful feature is the ability to add a marker at some desired location. This is done by clicking the sixth icon from the top on the right side of the window. A window opens on which you can enter the composition coordinates at which you want to place a mark. In Figure 5.9a the composition of the feed to a distillation column is located at 30 mol% MeAc, 50 mol% MeOH, and 20 mol% H2O. Then click OK to place the mark at the correct location (Fig. 5.9b). These markers can be used to show the location of the feed (F), distillate (D), and bottoms (B), as illustrated in Figure 5.10. Note that both the D and B points lie inside the upper region of the diagram and are not in two regions separated by a distillation boundary. Also note that these points lie near a residue curve. Therefore this should be a feasible design.

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