Figure 2.16 Ternary analysis using DISTIL; setting feed and reflux ratio.

Detailed results are plotted on the ternary diagram given in Figure 2.19. The feed, distillate, and bottoms points have been labeled. They lie on a straight line (the heavy dashed line), as required by the overall component balances. The liquid compositions on all the trays in the stripping and rectifying trays are shown. Residue curves are added by clicking any point on the diagram.

Note that a residue curve passes through (or near) the bottoms and distillate point, so the specified product compositions should yield a feasible design. Composition profiles (Fig. 2.20) and temperature profiles can also be plotted.

Ternary Diagram Distillation
Figure 2.17 Specifying distillate and bottoms composition.
Figure 2.18 Column configuration.
Figure 2.19 Ternary plot.

C4-C5-C6 Composition Profile

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