C Run Indefinitely

(* Pause attime: 2 Hours

Figure 7.38 Pause window.

pause the simulation at some point in time, go to the top toolbar and click Run and then Pause At, which opens the window shown in Figure 7.38.

Although these Aspen Dynamics plots are useful to see what is going on during each run, they have a fixed structure (multiple variables per plot) and do not permit comparisons of results from different runs. Fortunately, this is easily handled by storing the data in a file and then producing your own plots using your favorite plotting software. To store the data, right-click the plot and select Show as History. Figure 7.39 shows the resulting table, which can be copied and pasted into a file.

Runs are made for all three control structures with two disturbances. Feed flowrate is changed by changing the feedflow controller setpoint. Feed composition is changed by clicking on the F1 stream icon, right-clicking, and selecting Forms and then Manipulate.

Q cascaderesults History Table

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