Figure 11.34 Preflash and pipestill.

Figure 11.35 Connecting feed to furnace.

shown at the top of Figure 11.38 opens. With the Configuration page tab clicked, a number of parameters of the stripper are specified. For the top stripper S-1, the number of stages is 4, the product is KERO, the liquid drawoff stage from the main column is stage 6, and the vapor from the stripper is returned to stage 5. The steam stripping is done by the stream labeled "33." The flowrate of the bottoms product from the stripper is specified to be 11,700 b/d. Clicking the Pressure page tab opens the window shown at the bottom of Figure 11.38, on which the stage 1 pressure and the pressure drop per stage are set.

The pumps on the pipestill are specified in the normal way with 100 psi pressure rises. The valves are specified to have 50 psi pressure drops. The diameter of the main column and the diameters of each stripper are calculated using the Tray Sizing functions. The Specifications page tab is shown in Figure 11.39 for the top stripper (S-1).

Setting up the main column starts with clicking the CDU item under Blocks in the Data Browser. Then Setup is clicked and the Configuration page tab is pressed, which opens the window shown at the top of Figure 11.40a. The number of stages, a total condenser, and an estimate of the distillate flowrate are specified. Clicking the Streams page tab opens the window shown at the bottom of Figure 11.40a, on which the locations of the various input and output streams are specified. Note that the feed to the furnace is specified to

Figure 11.36 Making connections to the strippers.
Figure 11.37 Specifying pumparounds P-1 (a) and P-2 (b).

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