I am grateful to the many colleagues who reviewed chapters and provided me with excellent suggestions and comments. Any questionable or inaccurate statements, however, are due solely to the author (and please let me know).To each of the following reviewers, I thank you again: Andy Benson, Larry Beuchat, Lloyd Bullerman, Rich Chapin, Mark Daeschel, Lisa Durso, Joe Frank, Nancy Irelan, Mark Johnson, Jake Knickerbocker, David Mills, Dennis Romero, Mary Ellen Sanders, Uwe Sauer, Randy Wehling, and Bart Weimer.

For the generous use of electron micrographs, photos, and other written materials used in this text, I thank Kristin Ahrens, Andreia Bianchini, Jeff Broadbent, Lloyd Bullerman, Rich Chapin (Empyrean Ales), Lisa Durso, Sylvain Moineau, Raffaele de Nigris,John Rupnow,Albane de Vaux, Bart Weimer, Jiujiang Yu, and Zhijie Yang.

For their encouragement and support during the course of this project, special thanks are offered to Jim Hruska, Kari

Shoaf, Jennifer Huebner, Jun Goh, John Rupnow, and the SMB group.The editorial staff at Blackwell Press, especially Mark Barrett and Dede Pederson, have been incredibly patient, for which I am very appreciative.

I thank my wife, Charla, and my kids, Anna and Jacob, for being such good sports during the course of this project.At least now you know why I was busier than usual these past two years.

Finally, I would not be in a position of writing an acknowledgment section, much less this entire text, were it not for my graduate mentors, Robert Marshall, Larry McKay, Howard Morris, and Eva Kashket. Role models are hard to find, and I was fortunate to have had four. My greatest inspiration for writing this book, however, has been the many students, past and present, that have made teaching courses and conducting research on fermented foods microbiology such a joy and privilege.

Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods

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