Current Issues in Cheese Technology

Given the important role of microorganisms in the manufacture of cheese, it should come as no surprise that among the most important issues faced by the cheese industry, most are microbiological in nature (not withstanding yield, costs, and other economic issues). The key to making any high quality fermented food, including cheese, is to control the activities of the microbial starter culture and other organisms.This means ensuring that they grow when they are supposed to, that agents that would otherwise interfere with their growth are controlled, and that they produce the correct amount and types of enzymes, flavors, and other products.

Although consumer trends often influence and raise specific sorts of problems, several long-term issues continue to challenge cheese technologists.These questions include: (1) how to improve and accelerate cheese flavor development and reduce bitterness, especially in low-fat cheese; (2) how to control bacteriophages that infect, inhibit, and sometimes inactivate starter cultures; (3) how to enhance shelf-life and prevent growth of spoilage microorganisms and ensure that cheese is free of potential pathogenic microorganisms; and (4) how to increase the value of whey using microorganisms.

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