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Figure 2. The aflatoxin biosynthetic pathway in toxigenic Aspergillus. The 82 kb aflatoxin gene cluster from A. parasiticus and A. flavus is shown in panel A (new names on the left and old names on the right). The gene cluster coding for sugar utilization is also shown. The direction of gene transcription is shown along the vertical line. The encoded aflatoxin biosynthetic enzymes are shown in panel B, along with the aflatoxin (middle column) and sterigmatocystin (far right) pathways.

Abbreviations: NOR, norsolorinic acid; AVN, averantin; HAVN, 5'-hydroxy-averantin; OAVN, oxoaverantin; AVNN, averufanin; AVF, averufin; VHA, versiconal hemiacetal acetate; VAL, versiconal; VERB, versicolorin B; VERA, versicolorin A; DMST, demethylsterigmatocystin; DHDMST, dihydrodemethylsterigmatocystin; ST, sterigmatocystin; DHST, dihydrosterigmatocystin; OMST, O-methylsterigmatocystin; DHOMST, dihydro-O-methylsterigmatocystin; AFB1, aflatoxin B1; AFB2, aflatoxin B2; AFG1, aflatoxin G1; and AFG2, aflatoxin G2. From Yu et al., 2004, with permission.

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