Figure 5-6. Relationships between S/M (salt to moisture ratio), MSNF (percent of moisture in the non-fat portion), FDB (percent of fat on a dry basis), and pH in Cheddar cheese at fourteen days after manufacture. To obtain a Premium cheese (or First Grade, according to New Zealand standards), the more narrow compositional specifications are usually necessary (compared to Grade B cheese which has broader compositional specifications). Adapted from Lawrence et al., 2004.

hoops). Usually, about 20 psi is applied for twelve to sixteen hours.The cheese is then removed from the forms, and, for the 9 Kg and 18 Kg blocks, placed in Cryovac bags, vacuum is applied, and the bags are sealed. The cheese then is moved into cold rooms, ranging in temperature from 4°C to 12°C for storage or aging.

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