Other Pretreatments

It is permissible to add other materials, besides sulfites, to the must to enhance extraction, modify the composition, or promote fermentation. For example, pectic enzymes can added during crushing to facilitate extraction of juice from skins and later during pressing to improve clarification. This practice is quite common for white wines manufactured in the United States.As noted above, it is not uncommon for some grapes, and juices from those grapes, to have either too low or too high of a pH.Thus, either acids, such as tartaric acid, or neutralizing salts, such as calcium carbonate, can be added to adjust must pH. Finally, nutrients that enhance yeast growth and fermentation can be added.These yeast growth factors usually are added to white wine juices, since shorter extraction times result in lower nutrient concentrations. Nutrients added to juices include mainly ammonium salts and various vitamins.

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