Pressing and refining

After the fermentation is complete and the mo-romi is adequately aged, the soluble soy sauce must be separated from the solid residue.This is done using hydraulic filter presses that force the moromi through multi-layered sheets of cloth or nylon filters. Pressing can last for several days, with pressures increasing incrementally, up to 100 kg per cm2.About 90 liters or more of liquid material can be obtained from 100 liters of mo-romi.The solid filter cake byproduct ordinarily is used as animal feed. Greater filtration efficiency and overall shoyu yield can be achieved by enhancing protein hydrolysis and pectinase activities during mashing.

Refining is an important step, since the liquid material that is collected after pressing still contains components that need to be removed. In particular, an oil layer that appears in the upper phase, and a sediment material that collects in the bottom phase, are both undesirable and are separated. The middle phase, containing the shoyu, can be re-filtered and standardized to a desired composition (based on salt and nitrogen concentrations and color and flavor).

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