Principles of Fermented Sausage Manufacture

There are actually only a few general steps involved in fermented sausage manufacture. First, the ingredients are selected, weighed, mixed, and stuffed into casings. Second, the stuffed sausages are held under conditions necessary to promote a fermentation. Third, the sausage is subjected to one or more postfermentation steps whose purpose is to affect flavor, texture, and preservation properties. These latter steps can range in duration from as little as one week in the case of moist or semi-dry sausages to more than two months for very dry, strongly flavored sausages such as Italian salamis.

Table 6.4. Desirable properties of meat starter cultures1.





No toxins produced

No toxins produced

Grows well in meat

Competitive at the surface


Firm surface mycelium

Produces good flavor

Proteolytic and lipolytic

Nitrate/nitrite resistant

Moldy aroma


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