Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

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Only the cost of major items is listed below. Minor things like nuts and bolts, electric wiring, corks and stoppers, bottles for containers, plastic tubing, etc. are listed as miscellaneous and an estimated lump sum provided.

The three major equipment items are the fermenter, the beer-stripper, and the fractional distillation system. The little pot still for producing flavouring essence can be homemade for $50 so hardly warrants being considered a major item. (Note: all costs have been given in US$)


Laundry tub


Glass cover


Circulating pump


Electric heater


Light dimmer









Water heater, 30 USG (113 litres), 3000 watts, 240 volts $110.00 / inch copper condenser including T's, elbows and cooling coil, 3/4 inch union, adapters

Thermometer $10.00

Miscellaneous $20.00

Total $225.00

Fractional Distilling System Boiler:

Water heater, 10 USG (40 litres) 1650 watts, 115 volts $139.00

Replacement heater for 750 watts $10.00

Voltage regulator (1000 watts) $45.00

Ball valve $6.00

Miscellaneous $20.00

Total for boiler $220.00

Column & Still-head:

Glass column with joints top and bottom, Raschig ring packing, still- head, thermometer, condenser $250.00

Miscellaneous $20.00

Total for glass column $270.00

Total for copper column $155.00

Total for stainless steel column $450.00

Pot still for flavouring:

Homemade model $50.00


Volt-ammeter $45.00

Sensitive kitchen scales $15.00

Hydrometer $6.00

Total $86.00

Total for all Equipment

Based on glass fractionating column $995.00

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