Glass apparatus

For those people who have access to a glassblower and, through him, to a scientific supply company, an all-glass still may be appealing. The boiler will be exactly the same as in the copper system shown in Figures 3 and 4, but the column, still-head and condenser will be put together with standard-taper ground-glass joints. The details of a glass still-head are shown in Figure 6.

At the base of the column use a spherical glass ball-joint which will rest on the female half of the brass union fitted to the top of the boiler. As a seal, either use a ring of cork or teflon plumber's tape. The weight of the column should be sufficient to prevent leakage since there is virtually no pressure in the apparatus, but if not your glassblower will be able to supply you with a clamp. For the column packing use either Raschig rings or stainless steel scouring pads.

Raschig Rings Arrangement

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