1. Clean the fermenter and accessories with soapy water and rinse.

2. Close valve under fermenter and place a rubber stopper in drain hole. Install circulating pump and add 10 kg of sugar and the hydrometer.

3. Run in tap water. When water level is above the circulating pump start the pump, being careful to avoid any undissolved sugar crystals getting into the pump inlet.

4. Make up a yeast cream using 1 lb. of active baker's yeast in block form. Break into pieces and soak in a small volume of water for 15 minutes. Use mixing bowl, two wooden spoons and minimum amount of water to make the cream.

5. Pour in the yeast cream. Or, sprinkle 150 g. of dry, powdered active yeast onto the sugar solution, close fermenter with glass cover-plate and install immersion heater and thermometer.

6. Switch on heater and raise temperature of sugar solution to 30-35°C. Maintain this temperature for 5 days or until fermentation is complete.

7. When fermentation is complete, switch off pump and heater, reach down into the beer and replace the rubber stopper with the copper dam. Allow to stand for several hours (overnight?) to let yeast settle to bottom.

8. Run sufficient beer into the boiler to fill it no more than two-thirds full.

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