Fractional distillation

10. Transfer the high wine back into the boiler and add sufficient water to give a total volume of about 12 litres. Close the draw-off valve in the still-head, run cooling water through the condenser and switch on the boiler. Be present when it comes to the boil to reduce heat input if necessary.

11. Reflux for several hours to equilibrate column. Check temperature. Periodically draw off a few ml. of distilate and sniff it to detect presence of "heads". Put aside for future use as fondue fuel or discard.

12. When no more heads can be detected and temperature is staying completely constant in 78-79°C. range, collect 300 ml. or so of distilate (at the pre-determined rate of V^th total reflux) and put to one side for future redistillation.

13. Start collecting product until you know from previous experience that ethanol production will soon stop. This collection will probably last 15 to 20 hours so time it so that you'll be present. Switch receivers towards the end and put aside for redistillation any receivers contaminated with tails.

14. Switch off, drain boiler, and flush out column from the top down with hot water.

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