The following recipe has been found to give a pleasant flavour:

Juniper berries 35 grams cardamom 1 "

orris root 1 "

coriander 1 "

Place the above ingredients in the flask (the coffee pot), add about 350 ml of water and install the cork and condenser. Start the cooling water and bring to the boil. The steam generated will carry over the oils contained in the botanicals. These oils can be seen as little droplets or globules in the collection bottle. Collect about 75 ml of condensate in one bottle and a second 75 ml in another. The flavour is slightly better in the first bottle. Switch off and discard the contents of the flask.

To each bottle containing 75 ml or so of distilate add an equal volume of 96 percent alcohol. This will dissolve the globules of oil and will also act as a preservative. To use this flavouring essence, add about 10 ml to each litre of 40 percent alcohol

• There is unlimited scope for trying to improve on this procedure and on the recipe given above. Using other botanicals in quite different amounts is one obvious way to get a different flavour.

Once pure alcohol is available there are many things you can do with it to prepare a pleasant drink. One is to mix it with fruit juices and make a tropical punch. Another is to prepare a liqueur by steeping fruit in an alcohol-sugar solution, a procedure which is fully explained in a number of books on the subject.

A third option is to purchase flavouring essences from a winemaker's supply store. These little bottles of essence come in a wide variety of flavours (one manufacturer provides a list of 200) including rum, scotch, brandy, gin, etc. and most liqueurs such as the various fruit brandies, crème-de-menthe, etc. The fruit essences produce very pleasant liqueurs, and the rum is very good, but the whiskies, brandies and other spirits have a somewhat artificial flavour and are a bit too sweet. You would never mistake them for the real thing.

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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