Scale of operation

The first thing to think about is the scale at which you wish to operate. In pondering this weighty matter, take into consideration the following points. The cost of materials for building a still is almost independent of size. For example, in N. America at least, the most expensive item, the boiler, will be virtually the same price within the range 9 litres to 100 litres. Secondly, the smaller the equipment you use the more often you will have to use it in order to produce a given volume of alcohol. But on the other hand, going up in size, you don't want to build a piece of equipment which would take up a lot of space, is taller than the height of an average ceiling, or uses large amounts of electric current. In order to have something definite to work with, the discussion of equipment and procedures which follow are based on the fermentation of 10 kg of sugar to yield about 12 litres of vodka per batch, a batch taking about 7 days from start to finish. This is more than the average person would need to make assuming a second batch were started as soon as the first one were completed, but you don't want to be on a treadmill. One batch every couple of months might be about right, providing IV2 litres of vodka per week, and would be much more efficient in terms of time and effort than constantly producing small batches. Remember, alcohol keeps indefinitely.

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