Steam distillation practice

Most people who read this book will be interested in the steam distillation of plant material in order to isolate the essential oils contained in the leaves, needles, berries, etc. One could build a steam generator and conduct the steam through a bed of plant material contained in a kettle, which is the method used commercially, but a simpler system consists of a kettle containing water at the bottom and a grid just above the water holding the plant material. When the water is boiled the steam carries over the essential oils into a cooling condenser where the two liquids collect and separate out into two layers.

Unlike the boiler described in this book, where a mixture of miscible liquids is being distilled and where liquids can be introduced and removed through 3A" piping, for steam distilling plant materials it is necessary to have a large opening in the boiler (kettle) to add and remove solids.

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