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A fractionating still is rather tall and needs some support. Some people build their still close to a wall so that they can use brackets to support the column and the collection bottle. Another method is to make a table 30" high, put the boiler underneath and bring the column up through a hole in the tabletop. The hole should be large enough to accommodate both the column and the insulating sleeve around it. Use a spirit level to ensure that the column is upright. Not only does the tabletop support the column very firmly but it can also support the stand on which you place the collection bottle. Additionally, a table is useful for holding a digital thermometer and for writing up your notes.

There are many refinements you can make to this set-up. For example, a set of built-in drawers is very useful. Then, if you put the whole thing on castors, with the boiler resting on a shelf close to the ground, you can wheel the still from one part of the room to another or even into a closet or another room.

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