Consistency at Boundaries between Single Phase Regions

For the boundaries between single-phase regions the consistency investigations were performed for the following basic equations and region boundaries; see Fig. 1:

• Equations (7) and (28) along the 623.15 K isotherm for pressures from 16.53 MPa (ps from Eq. (30) for 623.15 K) to 100 MPa corresponding to the boundary between regions 1 and 3.

• Equations (15) and (28) with respect to the boundary between regions 2 and 3 defined by the B23-equation, Eq. (5), for temperatures between 623.15 K and 863.15 K.

• Equations (15) and (32) with respect to the 1073.15 K isotherm for p < 10 MPa corresponding to the boundary between regions 2 and 5.

The results of the consistency investigations for these three region boundaries are summarized in Table 43. In addition to the permitted inconsistencies corresponding to the Prague values [13], the actual inconsistencies characterized by their maximum and root-mean-square values, | Ax \ max and AXrms , along the three boundaries are given for x = v, h, cp , s, g, and w. It can be seen that the inconsistencies between the basic equations along the corresponding region boundaries are extremely small.

Table 43. Inconsistencies between basic equations for single-phase regions at the joint region boundary

Inconsistency A x

Prague value

A s | /(J kg"1 K-1) Ag\ /(kJ kg"1) Awl /%

a The Axrms values (see Nomenclature) were calculated from about 10 000 points evenly distributed along the corresponding boundary.

The permitted inconsistency value for w is not included in the Prague values.

a a a max max max

0 0

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