Central Systems

Figure 11-69 describes a typical central system. Either water or direct-expansion refrigerant coils or air washers may be used for cooling. Steam or hot-water coils are available for heating. Humidification may be provided by target-type water nozzles, pan humidifiers, air washers, or sprayed coils. Air cleaning is usually provided by cleanable or throwaway filters. Central-station air-conditioning units in capacities up to about 50,000 cu ft/min are available in prefabricated units.

The principle types of refrigeration equipment used in large central systems are: Reciprocating (up to 300 hp); helical rotary (up to 750 tons); absorption (up to 2000 tons); and centrifugal (up to 10,000 tons). The drives for the reciprocating, rotary, and centrifugal compressors may be electric motors, gas or steam turbines, or gas or diesel engines. The heat rejected from the condensors usually calls for cooling towers or air-cooled condensors; in some cases evaporative cooling might be practical.

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