*Courtesy of COGEIM SpA

*Courtesy of COGEIM SpA

Materials having average-low density (100-500 kg/m3) and low-medium viscosities, which require perfect mixing of the dried product, could require another type of vertical dryer.

Here, a dryer having a truncated-cone casing is used (Fig. 4). The agitator is supplied combining:

- A screw feeder which propels the product upwards.

- An orbital rotation, of the same screw feeder following the geometry of the cone, providing efficient circumferential mixing. The screw is totally supported by the rotating shaft. The shaft and the screw design guarantee containment of the lubricants. A special detector indicates any possible leak before it contacts the product. The geometrical volume of these dryers ranges from a few liters to approximately 12,000-15,000 liters (Table 3).

Figure 4. MIXODRY-EMV Conical Pan Dryer. (Courtesy of COGEM SpA)
Table 3. Standard Conical Dryers - Mixodry-EMV*

Diam. mm

Useful Volume, m3

Installed power Screw rotation, kW

Installed power screw revolu., kW

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