Mass Flow Rate

A Coriolis meter utilizes a measurement technology which is capable of directly measuring mass flow (instead of inferring mass flow from volumetric flow and density). The Coriolis effect is the subtle correction to the path of moving objects to compensate for the rotation of the earth. This appears as a force exerted perpendicular to the direction of motion and creates a counterclockwise rotation in the Northern Hemisphere and a clockwise rotation in the Southern Hemisphere. This phenomenon is used by the mass flow meter to create a vibration whose frequency is proportional to the mass of the fluid flowing through the meter. This is accomplished via the geometry of the meter (Fig. 10), specifically the bends to which the fluid is subjected as it travels through the meter.

Figure 10. Schematic of Coriolis Meter flowpath. (Courtesy of the Foxboro Co., Foxboro, Mass.)

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