Basic electricity

There are four key electrical relationships that are often used:

• If heating elements are connected in "parallel", so each has the full supply voltage across its terminals, the total power delivered will be the sum of each of the individual elements:

• If they are connected in "series", so current first flows through one and then the other, the total power delivered can be calculated from the relationship: 1/ Ptotal = 1/ P1 + 1/ P2

• Voltage, Current and Resistance are related by Ohm's famous Law: Voltage (volts) = Current (amps) x Resistance (ohms)

• Power, voltage and current are related by this relationship: Power (watts) = Voltage (volts) x Current (amps)

From which, with Ohm's Law, we can derive two further relationships: W = V2/R and W = I2R

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