The workshopPage

Safety 75

Some basic requirements 76

Basic techniques 77

Heating elements (control) 82

Soldering 88

Brazing (Silver Soldering) 89

Annealing 89

A final tip for the Distiller 90

Chapter 8 The Science behind the Curtain Page 91

Atoms and Molecules 91

Moles and Mols 92

Molecular structures 92

Avogadro 93

Volumes of Vapors 93

Mol Fractions 94

Dalton's Law for Gases 94

Raoult's Law for Liquids (boiling of mixtures) 95

Saturated Vapor Pressures 95

Latent Heat of Vaporization (LHV) 96

Logarithms 97

Clausius-Clapeyron Equation 97

Antoine Equation 98

Equilibrium Curves 98

Azeotropes 100

Reflux 101

Packing 104

Surge boiling 107

Supercooling and Column Stability 108

They were wrong! 111

A Final word 112

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