2 x BTA140-600 triacs (115/120V application) 2 x BT130-600 triacs (240V application) 2 x M0C3041 optoisolator zero crossing triac triggers

1 x 74HC00N CMOS 4x2input NAND gate

2 x 100 microfarad 63VDC electrolytic vapacitors (radial.end connectors) 2 x 4.7 nanofarad (0.0047 microfarad) high voltage disc ceramic capacitors 4 x 330 ohm 1/4 watt carbon resistors

2 x 180 ohm 1/4 watt carbon resistors 2 x 5.6 kilohm 1/4 watt carbon resistors 1 x 50 kilohm single gang linear potentiometer

1 x matching knob for potentiometer (preferably with calibration marks) 1 x 3mm red LED

1 x 3 mm green LED

2 x iron powder toroid (14.8mm od x 8mm id x 6,35mm ht, or thereabouts) 1 x fuseholder

1 x fast-blow fuse (plus spares) 10 amp or 10 amp - see text

1 x stripboard (size to suit) predrilled 2.54mm hole spacing (eg Veroboard® type)

2 x power supply surface sockets

1 x 3-wire interconnecting lead

2 x panel mounted sockets to match interconnecting lead 2 x 8 pin DIL sockets

Fig. A5-4
Figure A5-05 Example of a completed controller

A photograph of an actual controller, made by a skilful friend of one of the authors, may give you some idea of what one can look like. Note that the black control box is completely isolated from all power supply voltages.

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