Designing and building stills

The Simplest Still

Cold Distillation Alcohol
Fig. 4-8

Perhaps the simplest still you can build is the "Wok-in-Pot" device. This incredibly simple still is actually quite efficient, and may be assembled or dismantled in seconds. To assemble one, place a trivet in the bottom of a large pot, and then partially fill the pot with the liquid to be distilled. Put a smaller container on the trivet in the center of the pot, then place a wok on top of the pot and fill it with ice. When the liquid in the large pot vaporizes, it condenses on the cold wok, runs down to the bottom and drips into the smaller container. The disadvantage of this design is that you have to open it to collect the distillate, and you cannot see how it is working. It can process quite a bit of material in a series of short, small batches.

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