Dr Cones methods for high alcohol fermentation Method

This method uses a lot of yeast, because about 80 % of it will die during the first day or so of fermentation due to the high sugar content.

• Start with sugar concentration of 400 grams per liter of solution.

• Add 1/2 gram Fermaid K® (or equivalent) per liter (2 grams per US gallon).

• Add at least 2 grams properly re-hydrated yeast per liter (8 grams per US gallon).

• Add 1/8 gram potassium or calcium carbonate per liter ( 1/2 gram per US gallon) initially.

• Add 1 gram DAP per liter (4 grams per US gallon) divided into at least three doses, spread out over the first half of the fermentation.

• Ferment between 21° and 26.5° C (70 - 80° F).

• Aerate, stir or pump around for the first 48 hours.

• Monitor the pH carefully, keeping it between 3.4 and 4.0. Add potassium or calcium carbonate as needed to keep in this range.

• Stir occasionally after fermentation slows down to keep the yeast suspended.

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