Reflux Ratio

In this book, we define the reflux ratio as the ratio of the final product returned to the column to the total delivered to the condenser, and product ratio as the ratio of the product collected to the total delivered.

So the reflux ratio (F), equals L/V, and the product ratio (1-F), is D/V.

If you collect all the condensate, returning nothing, then F = 0. If you return everything (operating under "full reflux") then F = 1.

The balance equation becomes Yo = F * X1 + (F-1) * Xd

Since our aim is to get as much of the volatile component as possible, let's set XD = 1. The equation reduces to Yo = F * X1 + (F-1)

In this equation Y0 is the mol fraction of volatile component in the vapor leaving the boiler and X1 is the mol fraction in the liquid being returned to the boiler. Our aim is to get all of the volatile component, so X1 = 0.

We end up after all this with the simple relationship:

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