Single stage fermentations

Single stage fermentation entirely in glass is possible for beers made from malt extract or separated wort, wines made from purified or filtered fruit juices, honey-mead, molasses, and other sugar-based washes. The general technique is to sanitize the container and airlock, rinse thoroughly with clean water, introduce the fluid to be fermented together with the yeast, aerate, attach an airlock device and wait for initial signs of fermentation to begin - usually 12 to 24 hours. The complete fermentation can take from as little as 4 or 5 days for beers, and up to 6 months or longer for mead.

Fig. 1-3

Fluids which contain a lot of protein (especially grain-based wort) tend to foam a lot in the early stages of fermentation, so a special kind of airlock, called a blow-off tube is used until the fermentation settles down. These fermentations should be performed in a container larger than the final volume being fermented, or a significant quantity of product can be lost during the initial, vigorous fermentation. Alternatively, two-stage fermentation can be used for these types of fluids.

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