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Sugarcane is clearly a good source of fermentable sugar. When cane is crushed, the sugar-rich juices are directly fermentable. However, sugarcane juice is not nearly as acidic as fruit juices, so the fermentation is easily contaminated by wild yeast and bacteria, which can have a significant impact on the flavor of the fermented beverage. Distilling fermented sugarcane juice yields aguaardente (strong water), known best as Cachaga.

Sugar is made from sugarcane by boiling the juice down and removing the remaining solids. The thick liquid produced by boiling sugarcane juice is molasses, and distilled beverages produced from fermented molasses are known as rum. Cachaga and rum are fermented and distilled in an amazing variety of equipment all around the world. There is no single, traditional method to quote - and almost any that you can imagine is in use somewhere in the world.

Both sugarcane juice and molasses contain a wide array of nutrients, and need only to be inoculated with yeast to begin active fermentation. Purified sugar, on the other hand, has had the great majority of its nutrients removed and will not support a vigorous fermentation unless nutrients are added, or a huge over abundance of yeast is used.

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