The Home Distillers dilemma

Given this fact, you might ask why would anyone want to ferment pure sugar, and the answer is one of the oddities of economics. Due to the nature of distribution channels, purified table sugar is often the least expensive source of fermentable material available to the small-scale experimenter or hobbyist. A home distiller intent upon making pure ethyl alcohol could use any of the above starting materials, but the cheapest, easiest and most available is pure white granulated table sugar. Where this is not the case, the cheapest and most readily available sugar source is sure to be used.

Home distillers wishing to make specific distilled spirits, like schnapps, brandy, whiskey, etc. will need to utilize the proper starting materials. However, be warned that the final taste of many of these products is produced at least as much by the aging process of the spirits as it is by the starting material. These aging conditions are often not possible to duplicate at home, so caution and patience are necessary when trying to duplicate a commercial product.

Brew Your Own Beer

Brew Your Own Beer

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