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Some of the products you get, particularly the hydrosols, will be cloudy or "milky" liquids. This is due to the fact that some of the products are very fine suspensions of concentrated substances. Some of them will clear on their own, but some cannot clear, by their very nature. Don't worry about it too much, because you will be using tiny quantities, and if you are using them to flavor spirits or scent perfumes, the substances will dissolve immediately when added to ethanol.

It's very rare that just one, single ingredient of a recipe provides the perfect balance of flavors, and this is as true of beverages and perfumes as it is in cooking. Prepared essences that claim to reproduce the flavor of gin, rum, whisky, cherry brandy, etc. contain a wide variety of ingredients, but still rarely provide the exact flavor you expect.

Many kinds of pure essential oils are readily available at reasonable prices. They are convenient, and are a good source of flavors and aromas to "mix and match" as you formulate recipes for beverages. However, simply because they are so potent and pure, you must be very careful in using them. Most successful perfumes, and many well-known liqueurs have dozens of separate ingredients to get exactly the right balance, and then often require a long time to "mature". Just like different brands of vanilla extract have subtly different flavors, so will essential oils from different sources. Triple Sec made from your own freshly pressed citrus oils will almost certainly taste different from one made with purchased extracts. Which one is better is for you to decide, and the experimenting to find out is at least half of the fun of this activity.

Don't be disappointed if your initial attempts to imitate any of the famous spirits or liqueurs fail. Start with small batches, and don't be afraid to doctor them and see how the flavors and aromas change. Improvement comes with experience, and a lot of experience can be had from one 250 ml. (1 cup) batch, if you experiment with it. Have fun discovering what you can do to the flavors, and who knows? You might just create a wonderful new product of your own!

Brew Your Own Beer

Brew Your Own Beer

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