The Workshop

Fig. 7-1

You don't have to grow your own grapes make wine, nor do you need to make all of your own equipment to become a practical distiller. However, it is very useful to know how to make things yourself, even if it's just how to connect prefabricated parts together in different ways. In this chapter, we'll cover workshop basics and several small projects that will help you with your equipment.

We will cover the basic techniques needed to make equipment out of copper or brass, and techniques that can be used with stainless steel (silver soldering and brazing). We will not cover advanced techniques like glassblowing or welding, because they are difficult arts and require a lot of practice. If you want equipment made from stainless or glass, then make full use of ready-made parts and fasteners. For those bits and pieces you just can't buy, find someone who has the skills and facilities to do the job for you. Many home brewers have received considerable help for a couple of six packs!

Brew Your Own Beer

Brew Your Own Beer

Discover How To Become Your Own Brew Master, With Brew Your Own Beer. It takes more than a recipe to make a great beer. Just using the right ingredients doesn't mean your beer will taste like it was meant to. Most of the time it’s the way a beer is made and served that makes it either an exceptional beer or one that gets dumped into the nearest flower pot.

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