Yeast rehydration

Active dry yeast is often not properly re-hydrated. The first few seconds of re-hydration, as the cell walls re-constitute themselves, are critical to the survival of the yeast. Re-hydrating at too low or too high a temperature will cause a large percentage of the added yeast to be sickly or die, resulting in slower than expected fermentation. The same effect is caused by excessively high sugar concentrations at the beginning of the fermentation. This can cause up to 80 % of the added yeast to be unhealthy and die early in the fermentation.

Proper re-hydration technique for active dry yeast is:

• 1 part by weight to 5 parts sterile (boiled) water (e.g. 50 gm yeast is re-hydrated in 250 ml. Water).

• Initial water temperature 38° - 41° C (100° - 105° F)

• Mix well, and allow to sit for at least 10 and not more than 20 minutes before adding to ferment.

CAUTION! This procedure is for pure, active dry yeast, and should not be followed for yeast products that contain nutrients. These are formulated for specific method of use, so be careful to follow the package directions.

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