Figure 112

Pneumatic hardware configuration for internal reflux computation

Next we must have a procedure for determining B and KR. Let us assume that when T0 - TR is some specified maximum value, (T0 - TR)m3X, we want p = 15 psig. Let us also say that we want the output span of the summer to be 12 psig for 0 to [Xsc] ma* • When the two temperatures are equal—no subcooling—Ksc will equal 1.00 = [Xsc]mm- A will equal C, so equation (11.2) becomes:

Since 0 - ¡Xsclma* corresponds to 12 psi, and B corresponds to |Xsc]min = 1, then:



Thus by combining equations (11.6) and (11.7) and solving for KR, we get:

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