Fig. 7.6. Stainless steel fully automatic 10 dm3 fermenter sterilizablc-in-nVu (LSL, Luton, UK).

monly used in fermenter construction. Table 7.5 (Du-urkoop, 1992) gives the classification systems used to identify stainless steels of AISI 316 grades in the U.S.A. and similar procedures used in Germany, France, the

United Kingdom, Japan and Sweden. In a citric acid fermentation where the pH may be 1 to 2 it will be necessary to use a stainless steel with .3-4% molybdenum (AISI grade 317) to prevent leaching of heavy

Fig. 7.7. Stainless steel pilot plant fermenters (LSL, Luton, UK).


Table 7.5 Classification systems used for stainless steels of 316 grades (Duurkoop, 1992) DIN France

Great Britain



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