B1 B2 B3 Gilsp

Containment Level

Fig. 7.3. Categorization of a process micro-organism and designation of its appropriate level of containment at research or industrial sites within the European Federation of Biotechnology (GILSP = Good Industrial Large Scale Practice).

Once the organism has been allocated to a hazard group, the appropriate containment requirements can be applied (see Table 7.4). Hazard group 1 organisms used on a large scale only require Good Industrial Large Scale Practice (GILSP). Processes in this cate

Table 7.4. Summary of safety precautions for biotechnological operations

Biotechnology (EFB) (Frommer et til., 19X9)

the European Federation for



Written instructions and code oi practice Biosafety manual Good occupational hygiene Good Microbiological Techniques

(GMT) Biohazard sign Restricted access Accident reporting Medical surveillance

Containment category

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