Biology li ll n

isolak'd ,11 nanisms

Isolation methods utilizing selection of the desired characteristic

,bi- -lvik-ii wc consider methods which take ■t ulv.iiii.iL.'c -f the industrially relevant property

I bit -J l'iv .ui oh'.inism to isolate that organism from ".V' source. Isolation methods depending ,',„ ill ■ use .'I Lk-.ii.ible characteristics as selective factor- .lie <.--cMii.ili\ lypes of enrichment culture. Enrichment' culmtc i- .i technique resulting in an increase in i he iiumiKi ol a given organism relative to the number- ol oilier types in the original inoculum. The process involve- i.iking a mixed population and providing con-dnii'ii- en her suitable for the growth of the desired t\|v. oi unsuitable for the growth of the other organism-. c.n. by the provision of particular substrates or iho inclusion of certain inhibitors. Prior to the culture suae n i- often advantageous to subject the environmental source (normally soil) to conditions which favour the -uiv iv,i 1 of the organisms in question. For example, aii-Jrviiig the soil will favour the survival of acti-

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