Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate (PRPP) amidinotransferase (the first enzyme in the sequence) is feedback inhibited by AMP but only very slightly by GMP.

The synthesis of PRPP amidinotransferase is repressed by the co-operative action of AMP and GMP, as are the syntheses of the other enzymes indicated in Fig. 3.16. IMP dehydrogenase is feedback inhibited and repressed by GMP.

(iv) Adenylosuccinate synthase is repressed by AMP but is not significantly inhibited.

Mutants which are auxotrophic for AMP or doubly auxotrophic for AMP and GMP have been isolated which will excrete inosine at levels of up to 15 g dm (Demain, 1978). AMP auxotrophs, lacking adenylosuccinate synthase activity, require the addition of small quantities of adenosine but will accumulate inosine due to the removal of the inhibition and co-operative repression of PRPP amidinotransferase, as shown in Fig

3.17. AMP and GMP double auxotrophs will produce inosine due to the removal of the controls normally imposed by the two end products, as illustrated in Fig.

3.18. Such double auxotrophs require the addition of both adenosine and guanosine, in small concentrations.

Adenylosuccinate * \

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