Cerelose peptonized milk Autolysed yeast Polyglycol P-2000 Distilled water pH

45 g 24 g 2.5 g 2.5 cm3 1 dm3 7.0

Endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis (Holmberg et al., 1980)

Molasses Soy flour kh2po4 kh2po4

0-4% 2-6% 0.5% 0.5%

MgS04.7H20 MnS04.4H20

0.005% 0.003%

FeS04.7H20 CaCl2

Na(NH 4)2P04.4H 20 Lysine (Nakayama, 1972a) Cane blackstrap molasses Soybean meal hydrosylate

20% 1.8%

(as weight of meal before hydrolysis with 6N H2S04 and neutralized with ammonia water) CaC03 or MgS04 added to buffer medium Antifoam agent

Table 4.1. Some examples of fermentation media

Clavulanic acid (Box, 1980)

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