Soybean meal

Martin and MacDaniel (1977)

denum and zinc are also essential but are usually present as impurities in other major ingredients. There is obviously a need for batch analysis of media components to ensure that this assumption can be justified, otherwise there may be deficiencies or excesses in different batches of media. See Tables 4.7 and 4.8 for analysis of corn steep liquor and Pharmamedia, and Miller and Churchill (1986) for analysis of other media ingredients of plant and animal origin. When synthetic media are used the minor elements will have to be added deliberately. The form in which the minerals are usually supplied and the concentration ranges are given in Table 4.10. As a consequence of product composition analysis, as outlined earlier in this chapter, it is possible to estimate the amount of a specific mineral for medium design, e.g. sulphur in penicillins and cephalosporins, chlorine in chlortetracycline.

The concentration of phosphate in a medium, particularly laboratory media in shake flasks, is often much higher than that of other mineral components. Part of this phosphate is being used as a buffer to minimize pH

Table 4.10. The range of typical concentrations of mineral components (g dm 3)




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