U.S.A., Europe and Japan who would benefit from treatment with tPA to be 2.8 X 106 (about 0.58% of the human population). The price of the FDA licensed tPA is currently $2,200 per dose or $22,000 g"1.

At this stage it is worthwhile comparing actual sales of recombinant products with those of some other fermentation products. Since their introduction in the 1980s, the total sales of four new secondary metabolites, cyclosporin (an immunoregulator), imipen (a broad spectrum antibiotic), lovastatin (controller of cholesterol levels) and ivermectin (antiparasitic compound), have been higher than those of all the recombinant products (Buckland, 1992).

The life expectancy of a compound will have to be predicted even when covered by a patent. This is sometimes difficult, as has been demonstrated with the industrial enzyme market (Aunstrup, 1977). In about 1965 detergent enzymes became widely used, which led to a general increase in sales of microbial enzymes. In 1971 allergic symptoms were discovered in workers handling enzymes in a detergent factory, resulting in the removal of enzymes from most detergent powders and a sudden drop in enzyme sales. Enzyme sales recovered after the introduction of improved process techniques.

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