Cyclone Fermenter

Top view

Top view

Micro Organs



Fig. 7.50. Three-compartment multiple air-lift loop fermenter (Bakker et al., 1993). Cross-sectional side and top view.

form large air bubbles which are dispersed by the shear of the water jet. In an ejector the liquid jet enters into a larger converging-diverging nozzle and entrains the gas around the jet. The gas which is sucked into the converging-diverging jet is dispersed in that zone. One of the industrial-scale fermenters using the ejector design is marketed by Vogelbusch (Vogelbusch AG, Vienna, Austria). Partially aerated medium is pumped by a multiphase pump through a broth cooler to an air entrainer above the fermenter. The air-medium mixture falls down a slightly conical shaft at a high velocity and creates a turbulence in the fermenter. Two-thirds of the exhaust gas is vented from the fermenter headspace and the remainder via the multiphase pump. Oxygen-transfer rates of 4.5 g dm"3 h 1 with an energy consumption of 1 kW h"1 kg"1 have been achieved for industrial-scale yeast production from whey using such a fermentation system.

The cyclone column

Dawson (1974) developed the cyclone column, par ticularly for the growth of filamentous cultures (Fig. 7.53). The culture liquid was pumped from the bottom to the top of the cyclone column through a closed loop. The descending liquid ran down the walls of the column in a relatively thin film. Nutrients and air were fed in near the base of the column whilst the exhaust gases left at the top of the column. Good gas exchange, lack of foaming and limited wall growth have been claimed with this fermenter. Dawson (1974, 1988) has listed a number of potential bacterial, fungal and yeast applications including the batch production of a vaccine for scours in calves with the vessel being operated as batch, continuous or fed-batch.

The packed tower

The packed tower is a well established application of immobilized cells. A vertical cylindrical column is packed with pieces of some relatively inert material, e.g. wood shavings, twigs, coke, an aggregate or polythene. Initially both medium and cells are fed into the top of the packed bed. Once the cells have adhered to

Air inlet

Air inlet

Cyclone Column Fermenter
Fig. 7.51. Diagram of the Vogelbusch deep-jet fermenter system (from Schreier, 1975; Hamer, 1979).

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