Production Culture

500 dm3 fermenter with 300 dm3 medium inoculated with 5% second stage seed culture. Incubated at 32° for 140 - 160 h

Fk, 6.3. The inoculum development programme for a vhamin B12 pilot scale using Pseudomonas denUrificans (Spalla « «/., 154

tation (Gottschalk and Grupe, 1992). The inoculum development programme described by McNeil and Kristiansen (1986) is given in Table 6.2. The stock culture is heat shocked to stimulate spore germination and to eliminate the weaker spores. The production stage is inoculated with a very low volume and this corresponds with Lurie's (1975) description of the South African acetone-butanol fermentation in which a 100,000 dm3 fermenter was inoculated with only 10 dm3 of seed. The use of such small inocula necessitates the achievement of as near perfect conditions as possible to prevent contamination and to avoid an abnormally long lag phase.

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