Sterilization Of The Feeds

A variety of additives may be administered to a fermentation during the process and it is essential that these materials are sterile. The sterilization method depends on the nature of the additive, and the volume and feed rate at which it is administered. If the additive is fed in large quantities then continuous sterilization may be desirable, for example, Aunstrup et al. (1979) cited the use of continuous heat sterilization for the feed medium of microbial enzyme fermentations. Aunstrup et al. also referred to the use of filtration for the sterilization of certain feeds. Stowell (1987) described the use of a continuous sterilizer for the addition of oil feeds to industrial scale fermenters, but stressed that each oil has its own characteristics which makes it impossible to predict the performance of a sterilizer for different oil feeds. Batch sterilization of feed liquids normally involves steam injection into the material held in storage vessels. Whatever the sterilization system employed it is essential that all ancillary equipment and feed pipework associated with the additions are sterilizable.

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