The Range Of Fermentation Processes

There are five major groups of commercially important fermentations:

(i) Those that produce microbial cells (or biomass) as the product.

(ii) Those that produce microbial enzymes.

(iii) Those that produce microbial metabolites.

(iv) Those that produce recombinant products.

(v) Those that modify a compound which is added to the fermentation — the transformation process.

The historical development of these processes will be considered in a later section of this chapter, but it is first necessary to include a brief description of the five groups.

Microbial biomass

The commercial production of microbial biomass may be divided into two major processes: the production of yeast to be used in the baking industry and the production of microbial cells to be used as human or animal food (single-cell protein). Bakers' yeast has been





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