Application For Gauge Of Denatured Alcohol

"SEC. 40. When the process of de-naturing has been completed and the distiller desires to have the de-natured alcohol drawn off into packages and gauged, he shall prepare a request for such gauge on the proper form. The request shall state as accurately as practicable the number of packages to be drawn off and the number of wine and proof gallons contents thereof.

This notice shall be directed to the collector of internal revenue, but shall be handed to the officer on duty at the de-naturing bonded warehouse.

SEC. 41. If the officer shall find upon examination of the proper record that there should be on hand the quantity of de-natured alcohol covered by said notice, he shall proceed to gauge and stamp the several packages of de-natured alcohol in the manner herein prescribed, and shall make report thereof on the proper form.

In no case will the officer gauge and stamp denatured alcohol the total quantity in wine gallons of which taken together with any remnant that may be left in the denaturing tank exceeds in wine gallons the sum of the quantity of distilled spirits and de-naturants dumped on that day and any remnant brought over from previous day."

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